• Neo-liberal Governance Through Press Discourse On Youth Misconduct. A governmentality perspective on the place of media in society

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Alison Boyes is a researcher in the field of criminal and social policy. Her primary interests include the evolution of social and criminal justice policy, the relationship between policy and media, policy and media discourse on children and youth as well as child and youth intersections in the justice system, as both victims and offenders.)


In employing Michel Foucault’s genealogical method to undertake an impressive, multilayered analysis of discourse, the author examines recent discursive changes regarding youth misconduct and misbehaving youth in Toronto news media. In doing so, the author sheds light on the media's place in society and the role of the media in the process of governance. The author's governmentality perspective on the place of media in society maintains that media discourse can reflect, validate and even render strategies of governance more efficient.

MATERIAS: Governmentality, neo-liberalism, risk, Agency., Media portrayals of youth misconduct and misbehaving youth, titillation, the youth superpredator, welfare era, responsibilization, resistance or contestation, strategies of governance, the media’s relationship to society