• Need for an Independent National Institution for Children in Ethiopia. A critical analysis of the existing practice and a deliberation on the signific

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(Mr. Fikreab Gintamo has obtained LLB from Haromaya Univeristy(2006) and LLM in Human Rights law from Addis Ababa University(2010) in Ethiopia. He has worked as an a public Defender at the Federal High court, and also as a Graduate assistance for Unity University, both in Addis Ababa. Currently he is working for UNHCR Representation in Ethiopia.)


The book analyses previous and existing status and functioning of major National Human rights Institutions involved in the promotion and protection of children’s rights. It highlights that traditionally children rights have not been given appropriate attention within general institutions; simultaneously addressing concerns that ‘separation may lead to marginalization’. In doing so, it scrutinizes existing practices in line with standards and knowledge from the committee on the rights of the child, including the concluding observations on the countries report. The book also deliberates on the significance of having an independent children rights institution for the effective monitoring, promoting and protecting children’s rights. Consequently, it advocates for the establishment of such institution and proposes important standards for the same.

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