• Natural Resources Law and Policy in Bangladesh: A Critical Review. Benefits of the Natural Resources on our Mother Earth

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(Dr. Noor Mohammad, an Associate Professor and Head, School of Law, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh who has been teaching the Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Law at home & abroad including Malaysia. He is president, Humanity Research Foundation Jhenidah(HRFJ)Bangladesh and has been working closely with the IUCN)


Bangladesh is historically rich in environment and abundant in natural resources consists of renewable and non-renewable resources that cover every areas of a country including the mineral resources, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, marine, poultry etc., without which we cannot live. But with the highest growth of population density, unwise use of natural resources, over population, weak and short term policy, outlook of Government, defective foreign policy, weak environmental governance, lack of technicalities etc; are often responsible for depleting our natural resources and has been extinguishing day by day which ultimately goes against the nature. To materialize and utilize the natural resources, the Government passed a set of laws in the different sectors but at present it has become a problem due to lack of expertise, lack of resources, lack of commitments etc. Consequently, the implementation of those laws and policies are not properly made.

MATERIA: Natural Resources Law and Policy