• Nanotechnology, Law and Innovation

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(Doctor and Master in Law from the Graduate Program in Law, university Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Brazil); Professor at this university of the Graduate Program in Law (Ph.D.) and (Masters); of Professional Masters in Business and Management; and of Introduction to the Study of Law of the Undergraduate Program in Law.)


Nanotechnology displays, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, a Scientific and Technological Revolution that will provide conditions to change the lives of humans, because they represent a significant example of technological innovation. Much of its potential is already known, but its risks are still only partially specified. The research and the development of products from the billionth part of a meter (a nanometer) enable the production of lighter, safer, more durable and more efficient things. The care for human life and for the environment is the main concern as, so far, there are no satisfactory solutions. The book intends to discuss ethical and legal foundations for these new technologies, besides presenting alternatives to the creation of regulatory frameworks. The book also aims to show that nanotechnology contributes to the creation of transdisciplinary spaces for the development of knowledge. This work is designated for the general community interested in this subject, students and professionals of Law and other areas of the Humanities and Exact Sciences.

MATERIAS: New Technologies, new rights, regulatory frameworks, exact sciences., Nanotechnology, Innovationsmanagement, Human rights, social