• Modeling and Simulation of RD unit for production of MTBE. Chemical Engineering

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(Personal informationName : Fahad Al-HarthiTitle: Chemical EngineerAge: 32 yearsMarital status: MarriedEducationMaster’s Degree in Chemical Engineering Science (ChE), completed 24 Hours and Thesis, King Saud University 2008. Very Good G.P.ABachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering Science(ChE), completed 175 Hours, King Saud University 2002)


My work was the fist of its kind in our University.I studied the kinetics & thermodynamics of the RD process to produce the MTBE simultaneously.Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) is primarily used in gasoline blending as an octane enhancer to improve hydrocarbon combustion efficiency. Of all the oxygenates, MTBE is attractive for a variety of technical reasons. It has a low vapor pressure. It can be blended with other fuels without phase separation. It has the desirable octane characteristics.MTBE is produced via direct addition of methanol to isobutylene using sulphonated ion exchange resin as catalysts. There are two ways to produce MTBE, one is the conventional process which is mainly a reactor and separate distillation column with conversion range 87-92%. Another method for the production of MTBE is newly established and date back to the way in 1980 as the scientist Smith recorded the first patent for the production of MTBE through this method, this method called Reactive Distillation Process, and there are a lot of features that makes this process attractive and practical with a conversion reached 99.2%.

MATERIA: Chemical Engineering