• Model for Specialized Intellectual Property Court. in Developing Countries

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr.Jumpol Pinyosinwat is currently served in the Central Court of Appeal, Thailand. He is also the Editorial Board’s member of the International Journal of Private Law (IJPL) and the Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (JICLT).)


As ever more concerns of different judicial standards of intellectual property litigations in developing countries are acknowledged cautiously, by most multinational enterprises as well as developing countries themselves. To ensure further international trade and enforce intellectual property rights more efficiently, many developing countries adjust their judicial systems to provide specialized procedures. The range of judicial alterations include providing specialized judges to trial intellectual property right disputes in certain courts, introducing specialized section or division in certain courts, and establishing new specialized intellectual property courts. Nevertheless, judicial changes, especially establishing new specialized court, are costly, both from the infrastructure spending and constantly update training expenses. Moreover, once establishes, no one can undo. This book explores specialized court systems in seven countries, together with historical and philosophical perspectives of intellectual property protection, and proposes a model with major considerations for specialized intellectual property court in developing countries.

MATERIAS: Model, Intellectual Property, Enforcement, specialized court