• Member States of the Federation Have Equal Rights and Powers?. The Issue of Asymmetry in the Ethiopian Federalism (An Empirical Study)

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(Yesuf E. Shifaw, LLB (2004), LLM (2009) in Public and Constitutional Law from Addis Ababa University. Completed his LLM with CGPA(3.88)-No.1 from the batch in the Department of Law. Researcher to the Women's Affairs Standing Committee of the Ethiopian Parliament(HPR). Now,Lecturer of Law at Wollo University. And,Legal Consultant and attorney.)


The principle at work in symmetry is to deal equally with alleged equals. Assuming symmetry is a desirable feature in federations, does it mean there is no room for asymmetry? (If any), what factors warrant the resort to asymmetry? Assuming again there is a possibility for asymmetry, does a limit exist beyond which it becomes dysfunctional? A major contribution of the book is the detailed analysis of the manner by which asymmetry pertains to a great deal of issues in federations and how it can be frequently misconstrued. The book assesses possible challenges asymmetry may pose and at times also considers a resort to asymmetry when it is warranted to help the functioning of federations. Chapter 1 provides introductory points. Chapter 2 presents background information on the notion of federalism. Chapter 3 provides a broad treatment on the issue of asymmetry. Chapter 4 addresses the issue of asymmetry in the Ethiopian federation. This book can serve as a basis for reflection on the implications of asymmetry for people particularly responsible for the federal process and for future researchers to ponder further on the issues raised.

MATERIAS: asymmetry, Ethiopian Federalism, Yesuf E.Shifaw, Issues in Federations

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