• Linguistic minority rights protection under Sri Lankan Law

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Anuj Tiwari, PhD candidate at Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, Poland since 2010; an Erasmus Mundus scholar. Book: Security in South Asia. Coordinator at Institute of Policy Research and Development, Nepal.)


This work is primarily focused to highlight some of the overt and underlying issues on the ground of today’s global need of minority rights in relation to its majority—minority discourse. More precisely, this work is aimed at the digging the loopholes in the Sri Lankan law with regard to the linguistic minority rights protection and recommending some highlights which is thought to be effective for the peaceful and just society.The current situation of Sri Lanka and the rights protection mechanism being the most argued topic in the global arena, the study done on minority rights protection is significant to the present circumstance.Some addition to the existing mechanism, like proper bilingual policy, is recommended to overcome the loopholes of the limited language policy and ultimately to the long lasting positive peace in the divided society.

MATERIAS: Minority, Linguistic Rights, Sri Lankan Law, Consocialism