• Legal framework for the Eurosystem national central bank. Analysis of the Eurosystem central bank statutes

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(Andres Tupits was awarded University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College, degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 2011. He is currently holding a position of Associate Professor at the Estonian Business School.)


The transfer of monetary policy to the supranational level has substantially changed the European central banking framework and confronted the NCBs with their new role as members of the Eurosystem. This membership has affected the governance structures of NCBs, with the emphasis on Governors and their independence. Most of the changes relate to the fulfilment of tasks of the Eurosystem and the level of independence needed by the NCBs to carry out these tasks. On the basis of the Statute for the central bank of Estonia, amendments are proposed reflecting best practices for central bank tasks, independence and accountability.

MATERIAS: Transparency, Supervision, Accountability, Central Bank Independence, European Central Bank, Eurosystem, National central banks, Bank of Estonia, Eesti Pank