• Legal and Administrative Mechanisms used to control Tax Offences. A Critical Analysis of Effectiveness of Tax Offences Control Mechanisms under Rwanda

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Kabera Charles, a holder of a Bachelor Degree (LLB) has more than ten years of experience in Auditing, Customs and Taxation. He has also studied Business Studies, French Language, International Players in public Finance and Debt Management, Risk Management, Auditing, Public Finance, Banking, Data processing, Taxation, Leadership,...)


With the growth and increasing globalisation of businesses (including the increased mobility of capital and rise of e-commerce), the opportunities for taxpayers to violate tax laws are expanding, prompting the need for the tax administrations to continually update and broaden the strategies they use to deal with this problem. This research book provides a critical analysis of both legal and administrative mechanisms used to control tax offences. The effectiveness and acceptability of measures applied to control tax offences are comprehensively discussed in this work and the author attempts to offer recommendations towards the tax offences control mechanisms under Rwanda Tax system. Rwanda is used as case study recommended mechanisms can as well be applied elsewhere.

MATERIAS: Taxidermie, Taxation, Offences, Evasion, avoidance, Kaberamaido, charles, Rwanda, RRA, Fraud