• Law School Basics: Civil Procedure. First Year

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(Dr. Katherine Pang has a PhD in educational psychology, an MBA, a JD, and LLM in Taxation, among other degrees in education, psychology, and religion. Dr. Pang is the founder of several educational technology companies and is a world-renowned speaker and consultant in e-learning, metacognitive expertise, instructional design, pedagogy, and law.)


Success in law school is hard work and results from a combination of factors; such as, Memorization of Rules of Law, Application of FIRAC, Analytical Reasoning, and Diligence, Perseverance and Commitment. In this series, you will learn the FIRAC technique, the fundamental and foundational black letter rules of law for the first-year law school subjects, and the keys to sound analytical reasoning techniques. In law school civil procedure your primary focus is on the substantive principles of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It is important to remember that in law school civil procedure the goal is not to teach you the practical principles of civil procedure but to teach you to think about issues and memorizing rules of law so that you can excel on law school exams, and ultimately the Bar exam.

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