• Labour Mobilization and Exploitation in Colonial Zimbabwe. The Case of Tea Labour

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Samson Mutsagondo has a B.A degree in History and Philosophy, a B.A. Special Honours in History(University of Zimbabwe), an I.A.C. Marketing Diploma, a P.G.D.E and M.B.A(Midlands State University). He is currently working as a Provincial Archivist with the National Archives of Zimbabwe and based in the Midlands. This book is his second publication.)


This works examines how labour was raised and exploited in colonial Zimbabwe's tea plantations. It shows the centrality of labour to the system and how difficult it was to raise it. It is also a manifestation of the trials and tribulations Africans met at the hands of their colonisers. The book can also be used to examine labour mobilization in other sectors of the economy. The case study of tea is interesting as it is a labour-intensive crop. As such labour on tea plantations has to be readily available, at all times and at all cost. Nevertheless, Africans as people on the receiving end devised means and ways of outdoing the system. Read on.

MATERIAS: labour mobilization, Labour exploitation, Rhodesian tea estates, Zimbabwe, History