• Kosovo's Diplomacy:. How can Public Diplomacy have an impact on Kosovo's political and diplomatic position?

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(Alban Dermaku worked over the last years for a number of international organizations in Kosovo. Alban received his Master’s Degree (MA) in Contemporary Diplomacy at University of Malta. Presently he focuses in public diplomacy and international cooperation development through various project initiatives.)


The declaration of independence marked a new era for Kosovo and its relations with the countries that have recognized its independence. Since then Kosovo is striving in its diplomatic efforts to achieve broader international recognition and become a member of the United Nations. Instruments of traditional diplomacy do not necessarily present the sole means of Kosovo to interact with other States to the service of its foreign policy and the practice of international relations. In modern times, public diplomacy is receiving broad recognition as a crucial element for understanding and influencing foreign publics. Outreach, communication and understanding present the core concepts necessary to successfully complement traditional diplomacy in fulfilling foreign policy objectives. Driven by foreign policy challenges, public diplomacy efforts and practices are emerging as tools to proactively engage with non-governmental actors such as: think-tanks, research institutes, academia, NGOs, the media, business communities, and relevant associations of other countries that are engaged in second track diplomacy.

MATERIAS: Public Diplomacy, diplomacy