• Judicial review of executive acts in Ethiopia. Courts oversight over the executive

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(Selamawit Hailu has obtained her Bachlor Degree in law(LLB) in 2007 from Jimma Univesity in Ethiopia.since then she has worked as legal drafting expert.She has obtained her Masters Degree in law (LLM)in 2011 from Ethiopian Civil Service University & she was winner the gold medalia.Since then she is teaching in Ethiopian Civil Service University.)


This work is absolutely thrilling and the readers will benefit more from this work as it wholly covers the oversight power of the judiciary over the acts and decisions of the executive and its agencies for their consistency with the constitution and other enabling legislations. The work is analytical in a sense that it does not basis solely on theory but also explore is really happening on the ground.The independence of the judiciary from any interference and influence of the other branches of the government is also seen in a fair detail.In a nutshell the work gives the general picture of judicial review.

MATERIAS: administrative agencies, judicial review, the judiciary, acess tojustice, rule of law