• Improved Strategies for Anti-Money Laundering in Kosovo. Methods, trends, effects and phases of ML

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(He has BA in Banking, Accounting and Finance, got MSc on Service Management at Rochester Institute of Technology and L.L.M. on International Co-operation Against Trans-national Financial Organized Crime at Universities of Teramo, Seville, Prague and “A.I.Cuza” Academy. He also wrote a book “Improved Strategies for Anti-Money Laundering in Kosovo”)


Over the last few years money laundering has become a global and enormous worldwide phenomenon therefore no country is immune. Estimates have to be treated with caution but the International Monetary Fund estimated over ten years ago that the aggregate size of money laundering was somewhere between 2-5% of the world GDP (between 800 million and 2 trillion US dollars in today’s terms). This book considers the problem of money laundering globally and in Kosovo especially which is a cash-based economy and makes vulnerable to money laundering activities and terrorist financing. It emphasizes the definition, trends, methods, effects and phases of money laundering and also explains the role of the national and international organizations and initiatives in fight against money laundering such as Financial Action Task Force, OECD, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.

MATERIAS: money laundering, Financial Crimes, organized crime, Terrorist Financing, transnational organized crime, market abuse., "money, Laundering, Fraud