• Impact of Armed Conflicts on Emigration from the DR Congo. Push and pull factors leading Congolese nationals leave their homeland and their opinions t

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(Bachelor Degree in English Teaching; Institut Pédagogique National in Kinshasa August1998, Master’s Degree in Conflicts Resolution and Peace Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa November 2007. He trained 190 people in Conflict Resolution and Peace building and worked as a Consultant at the Electoral Institute of the Southern Africa)


This research aimed at evaluating the importance of war on the decision to migrate, finding out if refugees found peace, the choice of Durban and inquiring if they intend to return home. Respondents confirmed that armed conflict is a major push factor in their decision to migrate. Finding out if they found peace they underlined both negative and positive peace aspects, meaning that the absence of war in South Africa and social stability as being peace key elements. Durban choice has been motivated by easy access to asylum; refugee documents and job opportunities. On the aspect of their intention to return to their homeland, the majority of the sample expressed their intention to return. Those with more prospects of finding a good job or business opportunity have been positive, while others believe the return of peace in the country is a major turning point. Most motivated their leaving due to unemployment, the worsening of social conditions, insecurity and search for better opportunities. Statistics collected within 6 months from Home Affairs in Durban showed increases of Congolese nationals: 30.2% compared to Zimbabwe: 27.68% and Ethiopia 23.37%.

MATERIAS: Refugees, asylum seekers, Internal Displaced People, Armed Conflicts and Emigration