• Human Trafficking. Criminal Breaking the Law or Human Rights Violations?

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(A Ph.D candidate of International Law. Experience working with the United Nations and Diplomatic Mission in Bangkok in a range of human rights and social issues including migration, refugees, trafficking, HIV/AIDS and child rights.)


It is not enough to look at the issue of human trafficking as a mere crime issue or a Thailand border problem. Thailand is a hub for human trafficking and the most significant factors in the fight against trafficking are the government’s policy and a commitment by the relevant authorities to fight this evil. The strategies to defeat trafficking, must be holistic in nature as piecemeal solutions will not suffice nor have any major impact in reducing the flow of victims or defeating the traffickers. This implies that Thailand must treat the issue as a whole rather than respond to individual issues as they arise being merely reactive not proactive will not suffice to defeat the traffickers in their insidious destruction of humanity and exploitation of human lives for personal gain.

MATERIAS: CRIMINAL BREAKING THE LAW, Human Trafficking, Human rights violations