• Human Rights Law and HIV/AIDS. Prevention and Treatment in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)

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(The author has completed LLM in International Law from International Islamic University. He is working as a visiting lecturer of law at IIU, a legal practitioner and a human rights activist at Islamabad, Pakistan. Previously he has worked with NGOs; Mercy Corps (UK) and Muslim Hands (UK) at Bagh AJK during rehabilitation in earthquake 2005.)


HIV/AIDS is a mater of concern all over the globe. Unfortunately, the HIV/AIDS epidemic nears the end of its third decade, which has gained a pandemic status and the discovery and refinements of strategies to prevent and treat HIV remain critical. Recent reports provide hope that the pandemic possibly will be slowing in some regions, while continuing to flow in others. In this regard this study is an initiative towards the sensitivity of the issue in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). Moreover, this research shows that the international human rights law recognizes the rights and gives protection to individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS thus AJK Legislative Assembly should enact these recommendations through domestic legislation, to prevent this disease and, to provide care, support and treatment to the persons living with HIV/AIDS. This enactment will be helpful to remove the threats of the epidemic from the vulnerability of population and sensitivity of the region. The study also emphasizes that ‘We must hate disease, not the patient''!

MATERIA: Human Rights; Law; HIV/AIDS; Prevention; Treatment; Kashmir