• Hospital Privileges Manual: Bylaws and Legal Issues. For Private Sector (Hospitals and Companies)

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(I holds a BSc Degree in Hospital & Health Care Management from Arab American University since 2007.I have more than 5 years of experience in managing and leading local and international non-governmental organizations and has many achievements and developments in private and governmental hospitals.)


The future development of the organization depends on you, and your pride, and the continued development of the productive efforts. I recognize that communication plays a vital role in the direction of development for this purpose, has developed this book as a guide comfortable for you. I suggest you read to become familiar with the material covered. Most of the material covered here are summarized in the form does not cover all the details of the complex policy or legislation. Thus, this manual should not be considered an accurate legal text of all organization policies or Palestinian laws. Generally, it can be to manage human resources to provide you with more information, or you will be able to refer you to the appropriate administrative authorities.

MATERIAS: Bylaws, manuals, Law, Medical, Palestine, Hospital, wisam, Ramallah