• Handbook on How to Write a Good Pre-sentence Report. A Practical Guide for Professionals Working in the Criminal Justice System

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Steve Wakhu (born 1979) obtained his BA (Sociology and Economics) from Moi University, Kenya. He serves as a Probation Officer in the Office of the Vice President of Kenya. He is currently reading his Masters degree in Public Policy: Conflict Studies and Conflict Management at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, Erfurt University Germany.)


This book says much in a simple measure. The style in which it is written allows the reader a coherent explanation of the fundamentals of pre-sentence reporting. It is a practical book that pursues a practical solution to the inadequacies of many officers who serve in our Criminal Justice Systems. "As the Holy Bible is to the Catechist, so should this book be to the Probation Officer". The illustrations and explanations that the book gives are useful material for those studying the theory and practice of Criminology; a discipline that is part of the teaching of Sociology, Social Work and Law. To make it useful for starters, Steve clarifies on the concept of a pre-sentence report, noting that it is a holistic process. To him, Justice in its very nature is an integral element in the lives of individuals. It is at the core of the organisation and function of communities, societies and states. It is blended within the history and the future of any society. To fully understand the skill of administering justice through effective writing of pre-sentence reports, then this book is a must read. (EDWARD SILVESTRE KAWEESI, MA, MBA, BA, and PhD. Candidate, Erfurt University, Germany)

MATERIAS: crime, Court, Victim, offender, Pre-sentence Report, Probation Officer, Sentence