• Globalization and Crime. A Study of Criminal Economy

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(He has completed Masters from Law, University of Dhaka. He is currently doing his masters in criminology and criminal justice. Md. Shapan is an Advocate, Dhaka Judges' & Magistrate's Court, Dhaka and part time teacher of atish dipankar university of science and technology (adust).)


In modern days the world is linked as never before due to advances in communication and transportation and due also to trade agreements that have lowered or eliminated barriers in the exchange of goods. But this growing interdependence has not come without a price. Although most people continue to live as citizens of a single nation, they are culturally, materially, and psychologically engaged with the lives of people in other countries as never before. Distant events often have an immediate and significant impact, blurring the boundaries of our personal worlds. Items common to our everyday lives—such as the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the cars we drive—are the products of globalization.

MATERIAS: crime, Globalization