• Game over?. The quest for a new legal regime in EU Sports Law

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Annita Sophocleous:(MA in European Union Studies in Leiden University, the Netherlands). Annita,a true citizen of Europe, was born in Cyprus in 1986 and has studied in England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Annita is currently working in the European Parliament in Brussels. Her field of interest is sports law in the European Union.)


In an era where everything in the European legal world is constantly evolving, one can not refute that the effect which EU law still has on sports,is more than catalytic. This book pleads the case for crafting a new legal order for sports and specifically football which will be the case study here, outside or in the periphery of Community law. Furthermore, this work aims at demonstrating that we have reached the time for a new era in sports law in the European Union. This book firstly examines the evolution of sports law in the Union, as its wobbly foundations can substantiate the troubles we find ourselves in today, before dwelling on the need for a new legal regime for sports. It is thus the belief expressed in this work, that sports due to its polymorphic nature should be regulated by laws adapted to its specificity and not its business aspects.This book aims at contributing to the ever- growing literature on sports law in Europe and it is addressed to anyone who is fascinated by sports law and its intricacies.

MATERIAS: Sports Law, European Union, Legal Order, Sportsponsoring, Football, FIFA, Uefa