• Franchising in Theory and Practice. A Franchise Agreement in the Framework of Civil Law

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Viktorija Jarkina was born in Riga in 1981. She gained her doctorate in 2009. Her research work focused on legislation regarding franchising in Latvia and other countries. Viktorija has worked in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia since 2005. She is now the Attorney at Law for the Eversheds Bitāns Law Company.)


The book presents a systemic analysis of the characteristics of the legal regulations of franchises and how franchises have developed in various countries. It also describes franchising issues related to the legal classification and contents of the franchise agreement within the system of Civil Law. The legal regulations of franchising in the European Union, the United States of America, Canada, the Russian Federation and some other countries are treated on a case by case basis. This book is intended for lawyers and law students alike, as well as those people interested in the general ideas regarding franchising. It needs to be accepted that the idea of franchising has gained increasing acceptance as a business model in recent years. It is also likely that its development will continue; consequently everyone must begin to take up the challenge of facing the legal difficulties that will confront franchisors, franchisees and legal advisers.

MATERIAS: Franchising, contract law, Vertical Restraints, Civil Law, Commercial Law