• Foreign Direct Investment Laws. And Bilateral Investment Treaties of Ghana - An Overview

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(The author holds Master of Laws (LL.M) Degree in International and Comparative Law from The George Washington University Law School-Washington,DC.The author also holds Bachelor of Laws(LL.B)Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Spanish from the University of Ghana.He was called to the Ghana Bar in 2005.He is a trial attorney.)


Ghana has a chequered history when it comes to fashioning out an appropriate legal framework aimed at promoting and protecting foreign direct investment (FDI). Since Independence in 1957, Ghana has enacted various FDI laws geared toward attracting adequate and appropriate FDI to meet her developmental goals. However, not much is written on the subject. This book seeks to contribute to the debate on FDI regulation in Ghana and Africa. It analyses the domestic investment laws of Ghana, focusing on the various protections and incentives they offer foreign investors. This book questions whether incentives by themselves are sufficient to attract FDI. This book also analyses Ghana’s Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) in relation to how they affect the application of domestic law and regulation. The contribution of the book lies in its examination of the relationship between BITs and domestic law on investment. It argues that notwithstanding BITs, the relevance and effect of domestic law on regulation of investments cannot be underestimated. Trade and Investment Attorneys, Investors, Arbitrators, Teachers, Students, Judges and Policymakers will definitely find the book very useful.

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