• Forced & Arranged Marriage Among South Asian Women in England & Wales. Critically Examining the Social & Legal Ramifications of Criminalisation

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Charlotte Rachael Proudman is undertaking a family law pupillage at Coram Chambers, where she intends to combine practise as a barrister and pursue doctoral research in this area in the future. Prior to her legal appointment, Charlotte obtained an M.Phil in Criminology from Queens’ College, Cambridge University, where she achieved a distinction.)


The first of its kind, this book is distinctive in approach and content, in bringing together two interests, forced and arranged marriage, and the employment of criminalisation as a strategy to combat these marital practices in England and Wales. The author conducts a literature review, interviews and questionnaires with South Asian women and law enforcement agents in England and Wales. This book explores the changing cultural significance of marriage amongst the South Asian community in England and Wales, whilst asking whether there is a clear distinction between forced and arranged marriage. The author critically examines the legal remedies available to protect victims: the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007, decree of nullity, and current immigration polices employed in both England and Wales and Denmark. This book explores what criminalisation of forced and/or arranged marriage will achieve in England and Wales by assessing the impact of criminalisation in Norway and Denmark. This carefully researched book is a resource in addressing forced and arranged marriage and more broadly, violence against women, and will be of interest to a multi-disciplinary audience.

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