• Foodstuffs and Medicines as Legal Categories in the EU and China. Functional Foods as a Borderline Case

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela is Assistant Professor of Business Law at University of Turku, Finland. Her research interests include international food law and business ethics.)


The book discusses the legal rules on foodstuffs and medicines, and particularly on functional foods. Legal systems investigated are the EU and China. The study uses three Chinese berries as case examples of how product development faces regulation in practice. Consumer products with health-enhancing functions might legally be classified either as foodstuffs or medicines. The classification will depend on functions and presentation of the product. Safety of both foodstuffs and medicines is strictly regulated. Newly developed foods are called novel foods, and are specifically regulated. As regards marketing, foods are allowed to bear health claims, whereas medicines bear medicinal claims.

MATERIAS: food law, Medicine law, EU Law, China law, Functional foods