• Financial Exclusion and Banking Regulation in the UK. Template Analysis

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(Dr Clare Chambers (2001 LLB Glamorgan University) PhD in Financial Exclusion and Banking Regulation (2004 Bournemouth University. Clare worked in the City of London with Grant Thornton and subsequently Morgan Stanley. She is a Senior Law Lecturer at University of West of England, Bristol Law School.)


This thesis examines the self-regulatory nature of the United Kingdom banking industry in relation to its effectiveness at promoting financial inclusion. This exploration is conducted through an examination of the changing culture of the banking industry from the 1600''s to the present day whilst considering the effect banking regulation has played on financial exclusion and exploring the expectation gap between bank delivery and customer expectation. The thesis also examines in detail the characteristics of financial exclusion within the United Kingdom in relation to the self-regulatory mechanism, which regulates the industry, namely the Banking Code. Furthermore the thesis questions whether banks have a social responsibility towards customers who experience financial exclusion or difficulties.

MATERIAS: Banking Law, Financial exclusion, Banking regualtion, Financial Services Law