• Fanning the Flames. Televised, Professional Football Games and Domestic Violence

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Beth Adubato earned a doctorate in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University, where she has been teaching since 2005. She has been a television news and sports reporter for 15 years and is the author of the book, Grammar for Grownups. She is also an actress and has appeared on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and other television shows and in films.)


As the relatively young field of criminology continues to grow, new areas of focus spring up and become part of the bounty of knowledge. Surprisingly, one area that is determinedly under-explored is that of sports and crime. Criminology addresses sports and crime most prominently in so-called "hooligan" studies, predominantly involving European spectator violence. This book avails itself of these studies, but as sports fan aggression is expressed differently in the Unites States than it is in Europe, this study explores the relationship between televised, American football games and domestic violence. Looking at the "highly-identified" sports fan, this book examines whether these fans are imitating the violent on-field behavior of their heroes. Does successfully executed violence on the field beget violence at home? Domestic violence arrests during the three-hour period following the kick-off of Philadelphia Eagles games are analyzed. The results are compelling and point to further exploration of this topic. This book is useful for those interested in sports and violence, fan aggression, and anyone wishing to learn more about the effects of the cultural dominance of sports.

MATERIAS: sports and violence, fan aggression, Football, domestic violence