• Factors Influencing Consumer Decision-Making. in Dietary Supplement Consumption

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(Tritip Kittitanarux is originally from Thailand. She completed her Bachelors degree in Business Psychology from Massey University, Auckland in 2006, followed by a Masters degree in Marketing. She is currently working as an air hostess for Pacific Blue Airlines (Virgin Blue Group).)


This study examines factors influencing consumer decision-making in dietary supplement consumption. Survey data collected from 150 participants within Auckland City, Albany and Queen Street, and purposive sampling was used in this study. Crosstabulation, chisquare tests, and the independent-samples t test were used to test the results. Overall, the following four factors significantly influenced the participants’ consumption of dietary supplements: health-conscious behaviours, consumer attitudes, consumer attitudes confidence, and consumer motivations. These factors also seemed to affect the participants’ consumption frequency which some of them may consume frequently and infrequently. The use of dietary supplements has increasingly prevalent worldwide and it has been increasing consumer interest in health. Many consumers are interested in dietary supplements’ health benefits as well as are aware of the potential negative effects. The key contributions are this study helps marketers and dietary supplement producers to know the factors related to consumers decision-making in dietary supplements consumption, also the understanding why non-consumers do not take dietary supplements.

MATERIAS: Marketing, consumer behavior, marketing psychology, Consumer Psychology, nutrition