• Evolution of State aid control under the financial crisis. State Aid policy and financial crisis: Consistency in principles and flexibility on means

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(I have been working on the question of state aid and banks during my LLM at the university of Leicester and my master at university of Paris-X in both French, British and European law.)


The current crisis has hit almost every financial institution, as there was a tight interdependence and close network between banks. Three issues arise from the meeting of state aid control and the crisis: the question of policy, the core content of tools used, and the economic consequences. The means used to control state aid have evolved with the publication of different communications matching every step of the crisis: from the banking communication to the restructuring one. At the same time, the policy applied all along the crisis was characterized by a consistency in principles and flexibility on means. The emergency situation has egged the commission to take quick decisions before curing the roots of the crisis. Albeit overtaken, this first stage still has structural and policy consequences. Can we guess where is state aid control going? And furthermore, what to do to of it after the crisis?

MATERIAS: State aid", European Union Law, "Competition Law, Bank, Crisis, English Common Law, French law.