• EU Commercial Law. Joint Venture and Competition Issues

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(Dr Lung-Tan Lu (PhD in International Business, University of Leeds, UK) is Associate Professor in Management, Fo Guang University, Taiwan. He has published 22 refereed articles in international journals and was the winner of 2008 Highly Commended Award, Emerald. His research includes IJVs, Cross-cultural Management, and Strategic Management.)


Joint ventures (JVs) are essential to multinational enterprises managing their businesses around the world. Companies form JVs for numerous reasons, such as collaborating on a joint research project or aligning a start-up venture to enter a new market or to develop technologies. Such JVs may encounter potential problems, however, including differences in corporate culture, strategic goals, and violation of competition laws. The impact of competition laws upon JVs is the major concern of this book. It is aimed to provide a theoretical basis for forming JVs and overviews the development of the rules governing JVs under the EC competition law from the very beginning to the present. In particular, it attempts to highlight the differences between the Regulation (EEC) No. 4064/89 and the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1310/97. Finally, several competition issues such as Free Movement of Goods, Regulation 1/2003, and Financial Service Action Plan (FSAP) are also discussed.

MATERIAS: EU, Competition Law, Commercial Law, Joint Venture Law