• EU and Member States facing modern-day slavery in children. Positive efforts and gaps existing in selected EU Member States after the entry into force

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(Etion Parruca, born on 7 June 1979 in Kruja, lives in Tirana, Albania. He has worked for a USAID-funded program to fight trafficking in humans in Albania, and works currently at Terre des hommes Foundation as MOVE Project Manager, focused on child psychosocial development. He holds a M.A. in advanced European and international studies.)


The main goal of this work is simple; to help create an overall idea on the phenomenon of child trafficking in the European Union and its Member States, focusing especially in the efforts exerted during the most recent years (including the first quarter of 2009 where possible) to combat this crime in nine selected Member States and to identify gaps therein. To achieve this overall goal, this work intends to give answers to several questions and come to conclusions based upon them. These questions are addressed throughout the work and main findings are identified, and recommendations are provided. The work is also intended to contribute somehow to the research work being done in the field, hoping to bring something useful for future research students and academics. Of course, it is not exhaustive, but it is hoped that it will serve as a starting appetizer in the bulk of thoughts and expertise on future actions that need to be taken at different levels, starting from the EU law arena down to the individuals.

MATERIAS: child trafficking, EU, Member States, Law, Internationalisierung