• Environmental Problems and Governance in Malaysia: A Case Study. Environmental Solutions Context

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(Dr. Noor Mohammad, an Associate Professor and Head, School of Law, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh who has been teaching the Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Law at home & abroad including Malaysia. He is president, Humanity Research Foundation Jhenidah(HRFJ)Bangladesh and has been working closely with the IUCN)


Malaysia is one of the largest environmentally rich and developing countries in the world which is in fact, very attractive and charming to all and known as greening country. But her traditions and heritage have been degrading due to prevailing environmental pollution. To cope with this problems, the Government of Malaysia passed and approved some important environmental laws and policies including international initiatives for protecting and maintaining the sound and healthy environment for the people of this land but not yet been properly done due to absence of environmental governance. It is often discussed the need for religious education along with the traditional knowledge with regard to environmental conservation and development which should be considered immediately on priority basis due to attaining sustainability. It is observed that the sole civil law is not enough for maintaining peaceful environment. It needs harmonization with the ethics. The environmental governance will be justified in the areas of Krenchi in Malaysia consisting of 50 respondents in different criteria such as the various professionals including the foreigners, local people and law enforcement.

MATERIAS: environmental governance, Environmental Problems