• Environmental Law in Higher Education in Bangladesh and Malaysia. Teaching & Research Context

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(Dr. Noor Mohammad, an Associate Professor and Head, School of Law, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh who has been teaching the Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Law at home & abroad including Malaysia. He is president, Humanity Research Foundation Jhenidah(HRFJ)Bangladesh and has been working closely with the IUCN)


Bangladesh is one of the environmentally rich countries in the world as Malaysia. In her education systems, the environmental education is largely considered at all levels particularly in the higher education for both the countries based on the British education systems. In 1971 and 1956, Bangladesh and Malaysia achieved her independence respectively. Meanwhile, both the governments passed some important environmental laws taught at the higher education levels but still, they are very limited in number and scope. Historically, these environmental laws were passed in eighties and the Public Health Act 1857 is one of them. This study examines the present state of the environmental education in the higher education in Bangladesh and Malaysia based on the primary and secondary sources consisting of 25 relevant respondents from the different criteria

MATERIAS: Higher Education, Environmental education