• Environment Protection in a Middle Eastern Context. Environmental Protection in Jordan: Legal Analysis in a Middle Eastern Context

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(Associate Professor of law, attained his PhD in Public International Law from the University of West of England (UWE) and an LLM Degree from Bristol University. Lecturer of Public International Law related fields. Worked at various Universities such has Qatar University, the AAUG - Jordan, and Bahrain University.)


The environment as a concept, and the Middle East as a specific region, is reviewed in order to lay a firm foundation on which to build the subsequent analysis. International environmental principles are reviewed in general before focusing on the legal instruments which exist for giving effect to these principles within the Middle East, and the region’s compliance with these principles and instruments. However, due to the shear number and diversity of environmental problems in this region, the analysis will focus on these problems that are most urgent – the marine pollution and fresh water crises in the Middle East.

MATERIAS: Watergate, Environment, Law, Jordan, Middle East, Rivers, Human rights