• Encouraging Pro - Environmental Behavior. A Case Study of Leicester University

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(The author studied Economics at the university of Copenhagen, Denmark and went on to pursue his masters in Environmental Management at the university of Leicester, United Kingdom. His writing interests includes environmental economics, sustainability & development.)


The case study examines how eco-friendly behaviour can be promoted within an organisation. The University of Leicester was taken as a case study in order to understand the factors essential for the promotion of green behaviour within an organisation. These factors are identified and grouped into three categories: internal factors, external factors and behavioural factors. Once these factors were established; barriers to the promotion of green behaviour within an organisation were investigated. Two different kinds of barriers to the promotion of green behaviour within the university were found and analyzed. The importance of the necessary factors and the barriers to green behaviour within the context of an organisation are discussed in light of previous literature and primary data collected within the university.