• Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Development and Evaluation of Training Program Within a Culturally Diverse Population

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr Helen Kalaboukas, psychologist in private practice and principal of ARISTON Greek Centre, has worked as manager of the Counselling Services, Swinburne University and lecturer, Monash University, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She has experience in training on Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, Leadership, and Multicultural Counselling)


The research study presented in this book provided empirical evidence on the improvement of Emotional Intelligence levels with the development and implementation of a training program, specifically designed for MBA students. The conceptualisation, validity, and assessment of the construct of EI were investigated, as well as the main approaches in the pedagogy of EI and leadership training. The findings indicated that Emotional Intelligence may be learned and developed by social, vocational, and cultural influences. The influences of culture on Emotional Intelligence, personality, mental health, and leadership within a culturally diverse sample were also explored. The study demonstrated a generalised model of an Emotional Intelligence and Leadership training program that can be used in many different versions, applications, and settings. It is believed that this program could contribute in the improvement of psychological and societal wellbeing.

MATERIAS: Leadership, training programs, mental health, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Issues.