• Economic and Strategic Implications of Intellectual Property Rights. A Guidebook for Technology Intensive and Creative Organizations

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Rajesh Asrani is a Professor at Gujarat Law Society, India. He specializes in the areas of Corporate Laws, Intellectual Property and Strategy. He has done various consulting projects as well as pioneering work on Intellectual Property Management in India. He is a law and management graduate with Ph.D. in the IPR management.)


This book is the latest of the series of works on Intellectual Property, published by the author. The book broadly looks at parameters affecting an economy of a country such as rise in GDP, implications of parallel imports, exhaustion mechanisms, rise in wealth of the economy based on the strength of Intellectual Property regime in the country. The book further highlights the creation of Intellectual Property framework and strategy in technology intensive organizations. Here, strategies pertaining to IP procurement, development, license, lease, valuation, donation and insurance etc. are discussed at length. Finally, the book would be of immense value, globally to economists, government bureaucrats and strategy makers in various large as well as small organizations.

MATERIAS: Intellectual Property, Patents, GDP, Valuation, Designs, audit, IPR, trademarks, intangible assets, Copyrights, tradesecrets, parellel imports