• Economic Analysis of the Rural Labour Markets in Sudan. A Case Study of Gezira Scheme

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Osman M. Babikir is Dean Faculty of Economics and Assistant Professor of Labour Economics, University of Zalingei. He holds his B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D. from University of Khartoum. He has led and participated in many seminars, workshops and research projects and has a number of published papers in peer reviewed journals)


This book is a presentation of some economic and social aspects of the rural labour markets in Sudan, with reference to the Gezira scheme. The book describes statistically those aspects in an attempt to fill the gaps in this field and to give some light about the rural labour markets in Sudan as a whole. It is considered as one of the most important trials in this ignorant, though most important branch of science. it is an added value to the academic and non-academic libraries for Sudanese and as well for other rsearchers all over the world. By that this book is one of the unique opportunities to diagnosis of one of the third world and developing labour markets. Many analytical techniques were used in this book, starting from the simple descriptive statistics, production functions, regression analysis and a farm household modelling approach.

MATERIAS: Labour market, labour supply/demand, labour market efficiency, labour productivity, Migration, off-farm work, sharecropping, determinants of wages, determinants of incomes, farm household models