• E-commerce and Consumer Protection in a Global Economy. A Legal Perspective (2006)

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Ahmed Niyaz holds a BSc degree in Business and Legal Studies from the University of Wales, Newport. He completed a PGDip in Law followed by the LPC at the De Montfort University. He also holds a Masters degree in International Commercial Law (LLM) from the University of Leicester. He is an Attorney at Law licensed to practice law in the Maldives.)


Introduction of e-commerce over the Internet has changed the way consumers shop for goods and services. E-commerce opened the traditional geographic barriers giving consumers access to vast number of traders who are located in different countries. When consumers shop online they face more problems than they shop offline, by using traditional means. Internet transactions subject consumers to a complex web of legal and technological problems. This book examines the efforts made by world organisations, the United States and the European Union to address consumer protection measures specific to e-commerce. Findings suggest that existing regional and national measures to protect consumer interests are insufficient and often uncoordinated. A comparative analysis is made, focussing on the approach taken by the United States and the European Union to address consumer protection in e-commerce. There are wide gaps in areas such as jurisdiction, choice of law and enforcement measures. Because of the nature of the problem faced by consumers, a solution for these problems has to be addressed through combining education, legal and technological means.

MATERIAS: Internet, United States, European Union, E-Commerce, consumer protection, jurisdiction, Legal issues, Choice of Law, enforcement measures, trustmark