• Dispute management in Azerbaijan Production Sharing Agreements. The obverse and reverse of the contractual algorithm

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(Mammad Nazaraliyev holds two LLM Master Degrees from Baku State University(Azerbaijan) and Durham University (United Kingdom). Currently he is employed by State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic.The particluar areas of interest are oil and gas law, banking law, tax law and corporate governance issues placing major emphasis upon English law.)


The book covers the history and modern trends of drafting Production Sharing Agreements in Azerbaijan. The focus of the work is two-fold: 1) to explore the disput prevention and dispute resolution mechanisms and issues in the majority of Azerbaijan PSAs.To this end, Azerbaijan oil contracts are viewed against the benchmark of the best practices in the world of oil industry 2) to analyze the hypothetical discussion over the controversial legal nature of the existing PSAs. The book is based upon the latest theoretical findings and empirical data.

MATERIA: Production sharing agreements