• Cyber Crime. A New Horizon of Criminology

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Born in 16 Sept 1987 in Sunamgonj,Bangladesh. Hehas completed Masters degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from Dhaka University. He worked in a National Daily for three years and hasbeen serving as a freelancer.Mainul Hasan Rawshani born in 15 July 1989 in Gopalganj,Bangladesh. Completed his hons from Peace & Conflict Studies, Dhaka University.)


Cyber crime is an enormous threat in the era of information technology in the 21st century. It is such kind of unrestrained crime which cannot be confined within society, time, and place. Even a criminal can commit a crime without physical attachment. Though the penchants of committing cyber crime instigated from society but it is entirely dissimilar from customary crimes. While developed countries coped new technologies with time but developing countries take times to adjust. Time is needed to generate new laws and regulations according to the latest technologies. Because of this gap between new technology and law making, criminals get opportunity to commit crimes. Cyber crimes have been expanded in Bangladesh recently, as student of Peace and Conflict Studies we have tried to present how cyber crime is threat on peace. We have made an effort to present this situation in our book from academic point of view.

MATERIAS: criminology, Cyber Crime in Bangladesh, social learning theory, Cyber Criminal, cyber crime