• Corruption in Ukraine: view from the inside. What is really going on in Ukraine

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(Ms Anna Iemelianova obtained her Bachelor and Specialist Degree in Law in 2010 and 2011 at the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kyiv, Ukraine. At 2011 she started her Master’s Program in "International Co-operation against Transnational Financial Organized Crime" in Teramo,Italy.She participated in different Competitions and seminars.)


Over the last years processes of the democratization and liberalization have been developing all over the world. Unfortunately, still, there are a lot of countries which show enormous gaps into social and legal systems. Ukraine is among the latter and it still struggles and suffers from a low level of democratic standards, human rights protection, and social security combined with high level of corruption and powerful criminal community. Ukraine. How much do we know about this large European country?! This book describes true situation in Ukraine in Corruption matter. It contains but is not overloaded with legal facts and practical examples, allowing the reader to understand the text and almost feel its meaning. The problem of corruption in Ukraine is so many-sided and complex, that Ukrainian government, International and Ukrainian Communities have to pay closest attention to it in order to solve the issue. This analysis should make the picture of Ukraine very clear and comprehensive for everyone who cares, wants to make a difference or just wants to witness the great changes.

MATERIAS: Ukraine, Corruption, GRECO, Ukrainian Community, Legal basis, Anti-Corruption, Practical Examples, recommendations, internationale Standards