• Corporate Governance Rules in the U.K., EU and Turkey.. Harmonization of Turkey’s corporate governance law with the EU acquis communitiare and U.K. ru

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(M.A at European Union Law (Marmara University, Turkey), LL.M at Maritime Law (University of Hertfordshire, U.K.) as Jean Monnet Scholar,B.A at Law Faculty (Istanbul University, Turkey). She is currently working as a lawyer in Turkey for her own law firm.)


Corporate governance of the companies was regulated under companies’ law but since the beginning of the 2000s the issue is considered as a separate part other than companies’ law. Although corporate governance principles are global, it is really important to analyse domestic applications of the principles, in other terms to observe how a state converts those global principles to national rules. This book, which is based on a research study regarding comparison of three disciplines namely, EU, the U.K. and Turkey explains how the European Union (EU) regulates the area and identify conformity of the United Kingdom with the EU requirements, and as a candidate to EU what Turkey has done so far and the current situation of the corporate governance rules law and practices in the Turkey.

MATERIAS: Corporate Governance, comply or explain, family run business, EU, UÇK