• Corporate Governance. Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Rules In The UK and Ukraine: Auditing issues

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Maryna Polyatska, Master of Arts: Studied Econonomic and Legal Studies at Central European University. Financial analyst at Avito Trading Group Ltd, Ukraine.)


Countries in transition have to go through a long process of changing and creating new institutions, both private and governmental. Ukraine, as a transition economy, needs to stabilize and improve securities and capital market. Given that, one of the requirements for investment is reliability of information, audit is an essential instrument to assess the trustworthiness of information thus to achieve transparent corporate governance system. The aim of this work is to identify appropriate solutions for the contemporary auditing issues in Ukraine in compliance with current Law of the UK. Through the comparative analysis of corporate governance and legal provisions on audit in both countries (i.e. UK and Ukraine),the author proposes three concrete recommendations for Ukraine to improve its corporate governance system which can also contribute to achieve the higher goal of overall economic growth.

MATERIAS: Business Law, Corporate Governance, audit, the UK, Ukraine, comparative analysis