• Copyright''s Response to the Information Revolution. Impact of Technology on Copyright

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(Hasina Haque, LLB, LLM, MCL, MPhil researched and taught law in various universities. She presented papers in the International Conferences and published in the leading International peer reviewed Intellectual Property Journals. Currently she is working as a researcher for the private, voluntary and educational sectors in London.)


Copyright Law and technology always go hand in hand and it is the technology which often determines the landscape of copyright Law. Essentially, the scope of copyright law has always been broadened in conformity of new technology. However, the phenomenon posed significant challenge to the fundamental tenet of copyright law when mere use of a creative work became the subject matter of copyright protection. Very little literature exists as to how the scope of copyright law broadened with each technological advent, International convention and legal instrument. This book therefore analyses the challenge posed to copyright law with each technological advent, the respond of copyright law over three distinct eras of technological development and attempts to provide solution in the context of digital parlance. The contents of the book should be useful to professionals in the field of IP and IT law, or anyone who''d like to gain knowledge about copyright''s response to the early stages of the information revolution to reach an assessment of copyright''s state at the end of 20th century.

MATERIAS: copyright, Technology, Digitisation, Monopolistic, P2P Technology, Device Protection, Computer Programming, Private Copying, Digital Copyright, Mere Use, Information Revolution