• Copying, Copyright and the Internet. The issue of internet Regulation with regard to Copying and Copyright

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(Abiola.A.A Inniss LLB, LLM (Business Law),ACIArb mediator,and arbitrator,is a graduate of The DeMontfort University UK and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators UK She is a legal consultant in businesslaw,law teacher,internationally published legal writer and speaker on Caribbean Intellectual Property,general Business law and ADR)


In modern times the internet has created a whole new world in which people conduct business,entertain themselves and live virtual lives. The means of regulating these activities fall within the ambit of the already established legal framework for everyday non-virtual lives, and therein lies the anomaly.Intellectual property law and the regulation of Intellectual property rights have become a major issue in the context of the internet and is still in the developmental stages as the law grapples with the continuous developments in the area.This book looks at the issues of copying and copyright within the context of the internet. The EU Directives, Regulations and Laws which deal with these issues are examined for their applicability and effectiveness in dealing with the problem of copyright infringement. The American and English systems are also examined for their approach to these issues, and conclusions and recommendations are made based on the findings.

MATERIAS: copyright, Copying, internet law, internet regulation, Business Law, Intellectual Property