• Constitutional Protection of Independence of the Judiciary

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(Alexander Martin Saba, LL.B, LL.M is an Assistant Lecturer at the Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto Tanzania. The author has specialized in Constitutional Law and Human Rights. He is currently pursuing another LL.M in Advanced Procedural Laws and International Legal Practice at the University of Dar es Salaam.)


This book contains important information about the notion of independence of the judiciary as embodied in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania,1977.The author of the book while surveying the Constitution of Tanzania attempted also to examine chapters establishing judicature in some commonwealth jurisdictions in order to show the distinctions that exist with regard to appointment and removal of judges, appointment and removal of the chief justice and the composition and independence of the Judicial Service Commission. At the end the author has given his recommendations.

MATERIAS: Constitutionalism, constitution, independence, Court, Judiciary, judge, Court of Appeal, Chief Justice, High Court