• COMPUTER SOFTWARE : A NEW FRONTIER FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. With Special refrence to Patent and Copyright Regimes

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(Author is Assistant Profesor in Faculty of Law in University of Jammu.Author completed his Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Jammu.After completing L.L.M ,he joined Faculty of Law,University of Jammu, in Oct’05.Areas of research include Cyber laws,Human rights,Taxation laws & Insurance laws.)


This work is related to the upcoming field of cyber laws and its correlation with the intellectual property. . The various approaches to tackle this issue of giving protection to the computer software under the various intellectual property protection mechanisms like copyright, patent & trademark are dealt in this study .Also, the option of evolving a new type of hybrid mechanism based on the peculiarities of computer software called as sui- generis is discussed in this study in detail. A, brief comparison is made by author between the approaches adopted by the various countries to solve this dilemma.

MATERIAS: Cyber law, Intellectual Property Law