• Competition Laws as a Social Institution. A Case Study of Competition Law in Thailand and its Implementation in the Telecommunications Sector

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(Piyabutr Bunaramrueang, J.S.D. is a lecturer of Competition Laws and Law & Technology at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), Bangkok, Thailand. He received his LL.M. and J.S.D. degrees from UC Berkeley School of Law under a UTCC scholarship. His research interests are laws and policies relating to competition, technology and media.)


This study is aimed at exploring the competition law as a social institution in Thailand, which is to examine specifically why competition laws in general have been a misery but telecommunications regulations have been a blessing despite their very same competition principles. With a normative view, it has been usually explained that Thai competition laws are in general vague and out-of-date, compared to telecom regulations which have more regulatory details and up-to-date. This explanation lacks merit because competition laws are actually in its early life as well as telecommunications laws. With a sociological view, this dissertation offers an explanation to why the telecommunications authority has been able to give effect to laws while competition authority has nullified them.

MATERIAS: Legal Norm, Legal Relation, Social Institutions, Telecommunications, Competition Laws, Thailand